Telecube is one of the first companies in Pakistan offering RFID consultancy, network planning and implementation, RFID system installation, customized RFID software solutions and product supplies. Telecube provides total services in RFID solutions from small to large scale companies and organizations. Access control system, asset management, security management, vehicle tracking, employee identification and attendance system are some of the extensively used solutions of RFID. Telecube has the ability to provide business intelligence solutions based on wireless technology for location and management of people and assets, proposes, designs and implement RFID based networks form scratch to fully operational systems. Telecube can also customize and integrate RFID solution to video capturing security cameras (CCTV Cameras, surveillance cameras) to ensure tight controls.

Telecube designs and builds unique RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) networks that work together to provide a new approach to tracking and security in the 21st Century. We understand the logistics problems that today's businesses face, and our team is dedicated to efficiently applying RFID to solve these problems.

Telecube provides full system integration services for RFID Applications including,

  • Asset Tracking
  • Supply Chain Managment
  • Inventory Managment
  • Point of Sales
  • Library Management
  • Security & Access Control Systems
  • Vehicle Access Control Systems
  • Automation of Parking Area
  • HealthCare Services
  • And many more ..
Services includes
  • Software Development & Customization for RFID Applications
  • Integration of Multiple RFID Readers
  • Integration of RFID with other systems (e.g. CCTV)
  • Full System Installation
  • Maintenance
  • and all other solutions & services as per the requirements of Clients

Modus Operandi of System Integration

  • Software Development
  • Hardware Design & Development
  • Integration of Hardware & Software

Software Development

While discussing RFID, Software Development is the most concerned issue. To develop a software specifically for RFID Applications fulfilling your business requirements is not so simple.

Telecube has a dedicated software development team that can ensure the fulfillment of your requirements.

Hardware Design & Development

RFID applications require hardware design that is bespoke.

Telecube has a team of dedicated Electronics Design Engineers whose task is to design and integrate multiple hardware systems to meet your requirements.


Integration of Hardware & Software:

Telecube has shining experience of designing and integrating unique systems to fulfill the requirements of client. Our team of experts has a very deep understanding and experience of integrating complex RFID Systems according to the requirements of clients and delivering full system on time.


After Sale Services:

Telecube takes the responsibilities for caring for its customers. Our sales order team is on hand to respond to queries, these people are backed up by account managers and technical support specialists to provide maximum support.

We have RFID trained engineers who can visit your site to address malfunctioning products.

Our commitment to quality aftercare is reflected in our telephone support. Our staff has been trained to identify and assist with software / hardware issues rapidly and professionally on the telephone. Sometimes, this service can mean the difference between a system being down for a prolonged period whilst an engineer is available at site, and getting the system up and running again over the telephone.

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